Natural Medicine

BT Vancouver – Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Time try the power of natural medicine! Here are my switch outs for the top 5 most commonly used (and abused) OTC medications in your medicine cabinet. Pain Killers I’m quite worried about folks abusing acetaminophen and NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatories like Advil) Recently, science...
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No Flu (or Colds) for YOU!

Cold and flu season is upon us and immunization clinics are opening across Canada.  You hear coughing behind you in the grocery line, sneezes on the subway and sniffles at work.  You can’t avoid everyone for the duration of the winter, so how do you...
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Which healthy alternatives are best for you?

Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde breaks down for us the healthy, healthier, and healthiest options for sweeteners, vitamins, and more. Sweet Surprise:  Take Xylitol not Stevia Customizing morning coffee has become a daily habit for even the most health conscious consumer. But, while most people...
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Natural Wonders

7 Wonders of the World, Pt. 3

Join alternative health expert Bryce Wylde on a trip around the globe for better health. These 7 natural remedies can help prevent cancer, diabetes, ease pain, reduce stress, and fight colds.
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